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A Nigerian media production company that specializes in animation.
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2D Animation

2D Animation

With a 2D animation video, you can communicate your brand’s values in a way that is easy for your audience to understand.

3D Modeling

3D Modelling

With our 3D videos, you can communicate your prospects with your audience in a more realistic way.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

With captivating graphics and clever visual storytelling, effectively communicate to your targeted audience.

TV Commercials

TV Commercials

If you’re looking for an effective marketing tool, a TV Commercial is the great way to reach a broader audience, and we can do that for you.

Sound Design

Sound Design

Give your work more life by creating the perfect and most precise audio elements to help your audience ride the sound waves to better refined content.

Cover Art

Cover Art

With the right illustrations, communicate a thousand words at a glance.

About Us

We specialize in animation.

Our Mission
To be one of Africa's leading brand in the animation and film industry.
Our Vision
To see our works get televised, create characters that become household names and bring new life to under appreciated and underutilized film making genres in Africa.
Customer’s Reviews

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Great Attention To Details

Bro, Your attention to detail 🤯 the way you gave every part of the logo it's own sound is what blew my mind the most. From the lightning zap, to making it look like a button to reveal my catchphrase My video was great but honestly, your sounds and visuals made it much better and My timeline love it. Thank you for doing that

Cräcky Brown

Founder & CEO: theCloudde, Stylocity


At first when I saw the graphics, I thought it might not really favour us promo wise 'cause it’s not as colourful as I expected , but the backstory I gave might just be a perfect explanation to why the art has a beautiful dark aura. You’re in a sad place , embarrassed, the lowest you’ve probably been in life and there’s just something about heartache and night time 😂, so it’s just perfect.

Olawale Yusuff Yezeer

Artiste (Grin)

Design Quality

I'm in awe of this work, your attention to details and bringing this idea to life, effortlessly. Your colour combinations and your less-is-more framework is just breathtaking. Also, the smooth and satisfying feel from your transition🤯 Amazing work of art.

Israel Anga

Product Designer


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